Don't Let One Door Close

One door opens. Bismarck welcomed a new independent bookstore to its downtown this week. Ferguson Books celebrated its grand opening on Nov. 10. An extension of a charter store in Grand Forks, the Bismarck location will feature a similar selection of merchandise just on a smaller scale.

While our sister city is cutting a ribbon at a new bookstore, Mandan may be cutting ties with us. For 13 years, Huntington Books has been welcoming local and long distance book lovers to Mandan.

Our humble store, attracts a diverse crowd from all demographic and geographic realms. We enjoy meeting and selling to children, seniors and young adults. Our customers are collectors of classics, best sellers, cookbooks and trade books.

Soon the City Commission will decide the fate of our fair-weathered store. Mandan owns the building we reside in and they no longer want to rent it. As a result, an RFP was published and Huntington Books is one of three respondents. 

As the commissioners contemplate the future of 218 W Main, please send each a note letting them know that our local bookstore represents a unique retail experience and there is a need for the knowledge it inspires.


Mayor Tim Helbling -

Commissioner Dennis Rohr -

Commissioner Mike Braun -

Commissioner Scott Davis -

Commissioner Amber Larson -

 Don't let another door close.

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